Thursday, June 27, 2019

The European Union is trying to forge a more robust partnership with China

By Theo Sommer

Since 2003, China and the European Union have been committed to what is called, rather grandiloquently, a Comprehensive Strategic Partnership. In this framework, their trade relationship has flourished above all others. For 17 years now, the EU has been China’s biggest trading partner, while China has become the EU’s second-biggest partner after the United States. In 2018, their trade volume reached an impressive $682 billion.

In recent years, however, the Europeans have found their economic relationship with the People’s Republic less and less satisfactory. They started complaining ever louder about unfair trade relations and a lack of reciprocity in investment relations while toughening their stance on Chinese business practices, such as restricted market access, forced technology transfer, unlimited industrial subsidies …

The US is pursuing a protectionist agenda that breaks with its own ideals

The US is pursuing a protectionist agenda that breaks with its own ideals
By Alexander Hagelüken

You have to give Donald Trump credit for at least one thing: He never hid his feelings about China. One year before he was elected 45th president of the United States, he wrote in his manifesto Great Again: How to …

Brextravaganza: More time is a blessing – for the UK and the EU both

By Matthias Nass

Is Brexit a wash? The question is not as absurd as it once might have been, not since the European Union heads of state agreed on April 10 to once more extend the date for the UK leaving the EU.…

As conservatives and Social Democrats face losing their majority, right-wing populists and nationalists are gearing up to elbow their way into the European Parliament

By Eric Bonse

A palpable spirit of optimism hung in the air at the last European elections five years ago. In 2014, many EU politicians and most voters were eager to finally leave behind the banking and euro crises that had shaken Europe …

The European Parliament has decided that commercial online platforms will have to remunerate writers, musicians and actors

The European Parliament has decided that commercial online platforms will have to remunerate writers, musicians and actors
By Peter H. Koepf

Donald Trump is relentless. He continues to
believe that Germans are hoodwinking the United States. It’s not enough that they’re swindling everyone else to maintain their high export surplus, he complains; they’re also still making Americans pay for their geopolitical …

Despite all the US president’s statements to the contrary, the Americans are expanding their military presence in Germany

By Nana Brink

Several times a month, Anja Pfeiffer, the mayor of Weilerbach, drives to “her” construction site, she likes to say with a laugh. At the outer edge of her municipality, directly across from the US air base in Ramstein, the Americans …

The Bundeswehr is plagued by understaffing and equipment shortages, but policymakers reject a significant budget increase

By Lorenz Hemicker

Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, the CDU’s brandnew chairwoman and a leading candidate to succeed Angela Merkel as German chancellor, has already started taking warm-up laps. At the recent “Denk ich an Deutschland” conference organized by the Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung and the Alfred …

Germans complain about Donald Trump and the decline of the liberal order, but they’re doing little themselves to defend it

By Christoph von Marschall

Donald Trump is causing Germans so much emotional grief these days that they can no longer soberly distinguish what’s good and bad for Germany, what poses a tangible danger to the country and what is, plainly put, just terribly annoying. …

What should Europe do with its captured IS militants?

By Georg Mascolo and Ronen Steinke

The admonition from Washington came in loud and clear, and it made immediate waves across Europe. In late February, US President Donald Trump publicly called on European governments to finally take back citizens who had fought for the Islamic State …

The Basic Law – Germany’s constitution – at 70

By Gertrude Lübbe-Wolff

Ten years ago, when Germany’s Basic Law turned 60, the birthday party in Berlin attracted hundreds of thousands of citizens. They strolled along Strasse des 17. Juni where official institutions had set up their exhibition stands. They crowded in front …

Germany’s carmakers must break out of their deep sleep and reinvent themselves as soon as they can

By Ulrich Viehöver

There are increasing fears that Germany’s automotive industry will not be able to master the problems it faces in the future. Some experts even claim that the demise of this paragon of industries – along with its suppliers and more …

A Berlin initiative is calling for the expropriation of private housing companies. A crazy idea or a necessary step?

By Tong-Jin Smith

Imagine you live in Berlin, one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. You really love your apartment and your neighborhood. It’s affordable, the people are nice, parks and grocery stores are just around the corner. In a matter of minutes, public …

No man’s land

By Rüdiger Rossig

While welfare recipients in Germany are required to disclose extensive details about their wealth and possessions before they can receive benefits, data on large-scale property owners is at best nebulous. Why the double standard?

Germans love to argue about issues …

Climate change is more painfully noticeable today than ever before

By Marlene Weiß

For a long time, climate change was a phenomenon of the future. While always more and more threatening with each new scientific forecast, its gloom and doom has remained something most of us could manage to ignore – until now. …

German youths have taken up the mantle, cutting class on Fridays to demand more effective climate protection

By Heike Holdinghausen

For many Germans, the demonstrations held on Fridays by schoolchildren calling for climate protection have exposed a family scandal of sorts. While everyone knows and quietly accepts that the entire family has long been dumping its waste behind the house, …